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Birds At Pench National Park

Birds at Pench National park gives immense pleasure to all age groups [Kids, teenagers and old] as we all love the nature and its beauty enthrals the tourists deep to the core. Mere glimpse of the vivacious and range of birds elevates the mood and adds on some amazing memories to them. Pench National Park is a heaven of almighty blessed with breathtaking lush green scenic views and some rare and amazing wild as well as aerial life.

Pench is not just famous for rare and endangered wild life, but is known across the borders for migratory birds mostly seen in winters and nestles around the water bodies inside the park. If you are looking to catch the glimpse of little and enchanting small species in Pench during excursion wide variety can be witnessed with humming sounds, chirps of theirs which itself adds rhythm and melodies in the air of the Pench national Park.

We organize the bird walk in their private eco park with experienced guides who help to enhance your knowledge about birds and their different aspects of life. In 2004, Pench National reserve was declared as an important bird area by Bombay natural history. Every year a huge number of migratory birds visit to make home in Pench National Park. It is an abode of around 185 species of birds including wandering birds in this area. Pench reserve is natural home to millions of species like birds, animals, mammals where they grow and live in their natural environment. Four species of imperial vulture namely Horn billed vulture, White Scavengers, White rumped vulture and the King Vulture are commonly found here.

Commonly found bird species in Pench National park: –

  • Flame-backed Woodpecker
  • White-throated Kingfisher
  • Spotted Dove
  • Chestnut-tailed Starling
  • Laughing Doves
  • Bay Backed Shrike
  • Asian Openbill
  • Red-Wattled Lapwing
  • Black Dongo
  • Indian Black Ibis
  • Asian Pied Starling
  • Asian Koel etc.

There are few rare bird species which can be found at Pench National park, names are as below: –

  • Black Shoulder kite
  • Yellow Crowned Woodpecker
  • Jacobin Cukoo
  • Indian grey hornbill
  • Eagles
  • Kites etc