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Best Safari Zones In Pench National Park

Before you start your trip to Pench National Park or any other destination, It is important for a tourist to obtain entire information about the destination, its attractions , hotels and most suitable conveyance as per time to be able to enjoy the destination to the fullest and you do not miss anything. If you are planning to visit the Pench National park, than it is vital for you to know best safari zones of the Pench national park, so that you do not miss the main attractions of the Pench National Park.

Best Zone In Pench to watch Tigers-

To make sure that disappointment doesn't affect you and your family while being on excursion of Pench National Park if you like to have encounter with the Bengal tigers. Amongst various gates of the park, Turia gate is considered to be The Best Safari Zone in National Park for those who want to witness the wild tigers from shortest possible distance. It is most popular gates for safari ride as the possibilities of sighting tiger and other wild animals is far more in this zone that others due to the present of water bodies. This doesn't mean that chances to see tigers with your naked eyes in other areas are low. There is no specific zone of tigers or other animals. They are free to move and as a result, you may get to see them in any part of the park. Likewise if you like to see wolf, than night safari in the rocky part of park is recommended. Seven zones namely Khursapur, Sillari, Wolf Sanctuary, Rukhad, Jamatra, Karmajhiri and Touria surronds the Pench National Park from all over.

Choose Right Safari Gate in Pench –

For Safari in Pench booking of gate is must. A tourist should investigate in detail about the park before commencing the booking procedure. People who lack proper planning, get into soup as they do not get to enjoy the trip and its main attar actions completely. If you think multiple safari rides can help you in getting the glimpse of tiger or other animals, than your conception needs to be changed. Because of the distance between the gates, multiple safaris won't be lucrative for you. It is suggested to have a check over the historical data for spotting the tiger. As a tourist you may chose tiger sighting index for any particular date as information about the movement of tiger is recorded at gates. You may have a check over the records of past few days 15 days or more. After going through the TSI, gate may be booked. There is another way of catching the glimpse of tiger is to book the tickets of three popular gates of the Pench National park in advance. This is it expensive mode but believe it is effective too. Tourists can also hire the services of expert tiger tracker as they have experience and accurate ideas of place where tigers may be spotted.

Norms for tourists in Pench

Tourists are bound to follow the rules and regulations laid down by forest department specially while going inside the national park. There is total number of eleven gates in entire national park. 5 gates of national park have opening in Madhya Pradesh and six gates of this national park open in Maharashtra. Two gates of this national park are from 20 kms to 100 kms aprt from each other. One can get an entry only in the gate for which tourist have permit.