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Best Time To Visit Pench In Winter & Monsoon

If your visit to Pench National Park, the land of beautiful wildlife is on the cards, then it is extremely important that you plan in the right season to be able to enjoy its beauty to the fullest. The Park remains open from mid of Oct to June. Check out the information below revealing insight into best time to visit in Pench National Park-

Madhya Pradesh being the centre of the country has neither too hot nor too cold summer nor winter season respectively. The Pench National Park remains close in the monsoon as it would not be a great idea to walk through the muddy track of Pench National Park which gets worse moreover it is kept closed in the monsoon. The best time to Visit Pench National Park enjoy the enchanting wild life and beauty of national is winter as it doesn't rain much there in winters and they are not too freezing cold. Visiting there in winters can be fruitful in the sense that you will found not just pleasant weather to roam around but you can get to see migratory bird too along with the thrilling wild animals.

Weather In Pench National Park

Spread on the borders of two states, Pench National Park mainly lies in Madhya Pradesh state of India with the temperature ranging from 21 degree c to 42 degree c between spring season to summer of June. It remain closed in monsoon season till September and opens in October to cater in soothing winters.

Temperature in summer – 28 Degree – 45 Degree in March, April, May and June Months Planning a trip in peak days of summers like in May or June could be really sweating as sun escalates the temperature to 45 degree c making the days really hot for excursion in day. But with luxurious and proper arrangement, it is not hard to defy the heat. Months of March and April are ideal for excursion in the dense wild life National Park.

Temperature In Winter Season In Pench In the months of November, December, January and February Months, the temperature stays in the range of 10 degree to 28 degree c. It is ideal season to visit.

Monsoon Season with the fall of drops in the form of rain great relieve is experienced by the dwellers and animals as the temperature shoots down to 23 degre to 34 degree c in the months of July, August and September months. But it is not recommended to visit in rainy season due to frequent showers and slippery paths which is not ideal for tourists. During monsoon chance of visibility of animals too are extremely low and therefore is kept closed.