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Pench National Park is one of the most famous and popular national parks in India located at the border of Maharashtra and southern border of Madhya Pradesh. All the wildlife enthusiasts can opt to travel Jabalpur city of Madhya Pradesh and Nagpur of Maharashtra city by road, air or rail to reach this magnificent Pench National Park. It attracts a lot of tourist from all over the world who love to explore the life of animals and their habitats. The National park is well maintained with proper roads for jeep safari along with proper safety measures. The national park is surrounded by lush green trees and gives you the ultimate feeling of forest life. Apart from safari there are many other tourist attractions in the Pench National Park that can also be explored.

How to Reach Pench National Park By A Flight

Situated within both the states i.e Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, the most popular Pench National Park values the wild and green side of our country India. This national park stands unique when it comes to spending time close to the nature and its inhabitants are on the mind. But before you actually plan to visit this national park details like how to reach is an important thing to know. The entire wildlife enthusiast can travel via both Nagpur of Maharashtra and Jabalpur of Madhya Pradesh. Rail, air and road services from Nagpur and Jabalpur can be used to connect to Pench National Park.

If you choose to take a flight for Pench National Park then Dr. Babasahed Ambedkar International Airport in Jabalpur and Nagpur Airport are the two best options for travelling. The former is situated at a distance of about 130 Km and is considered as an easy mode to reach if tourists are coming from both international and domestic destinations. Taxis are also easily available from the airport to reach Pench National Park for a hassle free and comfortable journey.

How to Reach Pench National Park By A Bus -

When you think of travelling by bus then SEONI, a part of Madhya Pradesh is the place you have to take bus for to reach the national park. The city is properly connected to nearby places of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Taxis are also a good option to reach Pench as the national park is settled on the Jabalpur- Nagpur highway which is accessible via bus, taxi or any other road transport. Car's like Innova, Volvo and mini buses are also available for big families planning to visit the national park at same time. The drivers and guides are also well equipped with the information in order to provide a blissful experience to the visitors.

How to Reach Pench National Park By A Rail -

Seoni, a city of Madhya Pradesh has the nearest railway station to Pench National Park which is located around 72 km away and is well connected with other major cities of the country. Jabalpur railway station serves other option too to reach Pench National park situated at about 205 km from it.

Local transport in Pench National Park -

To experience the best of Pench National Park, one can hire open gypsies that are also available for the safari. The safaris will cost you around 1300 bucks and it is always best to book in advance to manage your time in Pench National Park. The best time to opt for safari is early morning time as the animals are out in the National park to quench their thirst and can be spotted easily there.