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Tiger Sighting In Jeep Safari At Pench National Park

Driving through meadow near the river and close to animals looks utterly like imagination. But if you like to turn your imagination into a thrilling experience worth being cherished, Pench National Park jeep safari is the thing to opt for. Jeep Safari Booking in Pench National Park provides awe-inspiring sight of wild animals and birds in their natural environment. Machans and other points are made by forest officials to give best view of wildlife to tourists. Jeep gives stunning insight into the unreachable zones and plants, trees, birds and Animals like bear, elephant, wolf and tigers in the dense zones which are hard to reach.

Pench Jeep Safari Booking can be done online through our website.

  • Booking can be made six months prior to the travel dates
  • ID proof is necessary to upload during online booking and same needs to show to forest officials before Jeep Safari in Pench National Park, if tourists miss the ID proof then safari might get cancelled.
  • For non Indians, Passport is must.
  • Pench Jeep Safari allows 6 adults per jeep.

Various Pench Safari zones in Pench National Park as below -

Core Area 411.330 Sq. km.
Area of Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park 292.857 Sq. km.
Area of Pench Mowgli Sanctuary 118.473 Sq. km.
Buffer area 768.302 Sq. km.
Total Area of Pench Tiger Reserve 1179.632 Sq. km

Pench National Park has 11 gates – 5 from Madhya Pradesh and 6 from Maharashtra

  • Turia and Karmajhiri are the preferred gates to have best view of wild life and nature.
  • You need to reach the gate well in time to not miss the Jeep Safari in Pench
  • Entry and Exit gates are same; you will enter and exit from the same gate.
  • You should choose the gate with complete research as the distance between two gates are 20 -80kms so change of gate wouldn't be possible at last minute.

Important Places For Jeep Safari In Pench National Park

  • Turia Zone and Karmajhiri
  • Turia Gate - Entry Point 2.5 kilometer from Village Machaan
  • Alikatta - The central hub and meeting point of the Park
  • Piyorthadi - Rocky area famous for leopard sightings
  • Junewani Talao - A small picturesque pond
  • Jamun Nala Area – Mostly it is Grassland
  • Chindimatta - Junction of roads from Chindwara-Seoni-Maharashtra
  • Sitaghat /Raiyakassa - Breathtaking view of the banks of river Pench and birding
  • Kalapahad - Highest point in the park. Wireless tower installed. Closed for tourists
  • Bodha Nala - Lake and very pretty area
  • Baghin Nala - Most famous for Tiger sightings in the past few seasons
  • Bijamatta - Pond with rocky terrain and hills
  • Karmajhiri - Entry gate on other side of Seoni Range

Safari Timings Of Jeep Safari In Pench National Park In Maharastra –

Period Morning "Entry-Exit" Afternoon "Entry-Exit"
1st July – 30th November 06.30am – 11:00am 02.30pm – 06.00pm
1st November – 28th / 29thFebruary 06.30am – 10.00am 02.00pm – 06.00pm
1st March – 30th April 05.30am – 09.30am 03.00pm – 07.00pm
1st May – 30thJune 05.30am – 09.30am 03.00pm – 07.00pm

Jeep Safari In Pench National Park -

Pench National Park is one of the most famous Tiger Reserve in the province of Madhya Pradesh that offers exciting untamed life experience through open Jeep Safari Booking in Pench National Park. It was shaped by a region of undulating, delicate inclines and protected valleys with the most elevated thickness of herbivores in India and including cultivating terrains of other close by towns into the save an area. The best an ideal opportunity to visit it is from October to June end. It is likewise favored by ardent birdwatchers as an enormous assortment of slippery winged animals can be seen here. This is the spot that knows everything how to serve travelers a supreme natural life journey like no other untamed life objective can offer. Formally shared between two major states in India – Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, Pench National Park offers morning just as night wilderness safaris to untamed life aficionados. In spite of the fact that the encounters of wilderness Jeep safari in the two states are diverse as just higher specialists reserve that option to sort out or take any choice identified with the Pench National Park.