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Safari Zones In Pench National Park

The enticing beauty of National Park and its wild life as well as adventure can be explored completely only through Pench National park safari only as it is a vast area with animals scattered and roaming here and there. If you like to view the wildlife, then it is vital to go deep in the forest. The experience of watching the animals in their natural habitat is spell binding and provides highly exhilarating touring experience. Park is divided into many zones to enable tourists to facilitate the close encounter with the wildlife of animals.

Pench national park shares its territory with two states of India, Maharashtra and Madhyapradesh which is categorized into 7 pench safari zone. These zones are as close to 2 kms to 80 Kms far from each other. As stated earlier, some of these park falls in MP, where as few in Maharashtra.

To enhance better visibility and promote ecotourism inside Pench National Park the forest department has divided into five zones.

Safari Zone in Pench National Park in Maharashtra:

Pench National Park safari zones are Khursapar Zone and Sillari Zone come in this state.

Safari Zone in Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh:

Safari Zones in Pench are Teliya Zone, Karmajhiri Zone, Turia Zone, Wolf Sanctuary zone, Jamtara Zone, Rukhad Zone.

Touria Zone – this premium zone of the Pench National Park is also said to be buffer zone of pench national park which stays open for tourists from October till June and is also said to be Pench National Park core zone.

Karmazhiri Zone – This zone is also chief zone of the Pench and shares partial area of Turia gate.

Wolf of Sanctuary – This is the infertile and rocky part of the forest and known for Wolves and wolf safari.

Khursapar - This zone stores the scenic beauty with beautiful vegetation and enticing water bodies all at one place making it a hub for migratory birds.

Sillari - known for Bison retreat situated at a distance of 35 kilometers from Village Machaan Pench. Visitors can cherish its enchanting picturesque views along with thrilling wild life from Oct to June every year.

Pench National Park Safari Timings:

Morning safari Timing - 06.30am – 11:00am to 9:30 AM

Afternoon Safari Timing - 02.30pm – 06.00pm PM

Night Safari Timing - 06:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Note: Entry gates remain open for tourists 365 days a year.