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Live your childhood fantasy of spending some time in the forest like you grew up watching your favorite jungle based show, the Jungle book in Pench National Park, the one of the most beautiful wild life park of the country. Thousands of people visit every year from around the world to see the beautiful wildlife and picturesque beauty of the sanctuary. But in addition to the excursion of lush green and dense forest, it stores many more pacifying attractions which may be listed in things must to do in Pench national Park. Have a look at the things not to miss while being in Pench National Park.

Go For Boating Experience Near Pench National Park –

You will have the opportunity to choose the boat on white crystal water from River Pench, after a wonderful experience in deep jungles in the Pench Park. Pech Dam is an earth fill that is made over River Pench. Dam also called a Kamthikhairy Dam. Most wildlife animals visit the dam to quench their thirst very near the park. So you will meet with wildlife animals that serve another purpose in the wildlife safari while boating in the river. Boat ride is a must during the Pench Park tour.

Visit to Nearby Potter's Village at Pachdhar –

In addition to the wildlife, if you want to learn about the local people living near Penchpark in their regional and indigenous cultural habits Pachdhar is located 80 kilometres from Nagpur, in Seoni, which is known for its potters' community. You will find amazing sceneries from lazy teak trees, paddy fields and a potter's cluster creating incredible work on your wheels by driving on National Highway 07. The village of Pachdhar is home to about 100 families and is known locally as the Kumhaars. It comes from the normal potters community. You'd learn a lot about the local cultures and traditions from this experience.

Night Safari –

Day safari as we all know is most popular thing to do for those want to have close look at the amazing wildlife of the park. But night safari is another attraction that shall not be missed. It is also called wolf safari which is found in the buffer area of park. This safari starts at 6 pm in the evening and lasts for four hours till Animals like wolves, nilgai, jackals, sambar deer and many type of bird are often spotted during this safari.

Runi Jhuni Walking Trail –

Walking through the trail is most delighting experience and Runi Jhuni walking trail is the ideal pick in such a case. Observe the beautiful vegetation, flora and fauna with the experts of nature during the walk in the serene forest. Pug marks of tigers and scats can be spotted by the forest along with the viewing langurs, wild boards, deers, migratory birds etc. Entry to the walking trail of Runi Jhuni costs around 3000/- per person.

Rukhad Cycling Excursion –

Rukhad sanctuary is located in the buffer zone of the Pench National Reserve which offers incredible track for cycling too for wild life lovers. The expedition commences at 8 AM in the morning with a finishing point at Sakata Forest Rest House with a stretch of 22 kms. You can also for the excursion of the area by jeep Safari. Other attractions that must be included in things to do is to try delicious cuisines, night trail, visiting tribal market and haat, Pench water park etc