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Get a break from your city life and enjoy the breathtaking view of Pench National Park

If you are the one who is crazy about wildlife and adventure then Pench National Park is a must visit situated in Chhindwara and Seoni district near the border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Your experience in Pench National Park will give you a thrilling and mesmerizing life time memory line. Apart from the lush green and deep forest there are many other attractions in the Pench National park and other nearby places that will make your trip more attractive and electrifying.

Pench National Park is basically divided into seven safari zones and each and every zone has something unique for the tourists who are planning to visit this wild life National park. There are some local guides available there who will guide you properly about the safaris and the procedure to book a safari beforehand. With any of the safari tickets, tourists can enjoy any of these attractions of Pench National Park.

Let us have a look at seven different safari zones of Pench National Park:

  • Khursapur
  • Sillari
  • Rukhad
  • Touria
  • Wolf sanctuary
  • Jamatra
  • Karmajhiri


offers one of the most amazing experiences beside the adventurous and thrilling experience in the Pench Natioanl Park. Visitors can arrange cycles or jeeps too and can pass Touria village during their journey. This lake is worth visiting and you will also get the opportunity to see some species of birds that you must have not seen anywhere else. You can also enjoy the peaceful sunset along with some hot cup of tea or coconut water.


this place is also popularly known as Gond Devsthan located beside the bank of Pench River near the city of Nagpur. Tourists who plan to visit this attraction will be mesmerised by its scenic beauty as the natural flora of this place will touch their heart. You can also plan picnic with your friends and family. Beside the Pench River you can also visit a Shiv Mandir located at the hill and makes this place more enchanting for the visitors. Staying in this beautiful location will give you a mesmeric experience to all the tourists. You will feel something different in this place as it has trees on both sides of the roads and lush green flora makes this place more beautiful and scenic.


Kalaphad is an elevation also popularly known as the splitting point of Chhindimatta in one direction and Alikatta in other direction. This dense and wild forest is a perfect place to spot Leopards and langoors. It also has impenetrable woodland in the hilly area that attracts lot of trek and adventure lovers.


it is a mesmerising place situated on the bank of river Pench. You will see some outcrops that make this place more scenic and picturesque. In the months of January to March, this place is more enchanting for the travellers. The flowers bloomed on the trees make this place perfect for picturesque view and it attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world.

Bodanala Range:

this place is near the boundary of the Pench Park that has excellent distinction in topography. Some unique attractions of this place are sloppy hills, marshy land, and pond and bamboo forest. You can also spot wild dog, reptiles and other kinds of birds as well.

Boda Tank:

you will see an irrigation tank which is popular for bird watching. During winters, visitors can enjoy bird watching and other different species.

Doob Road:

also known as sunken road, due to its name the place remains underwater during whole monsoon season. After monsoon, this area appears as marshy grassland where you will see some mammals and birds. Tourists can also see Indian Gaur after the monsoon season.


this place is well connected by the safari route and it is situated approximately at a distance of 30 kms from the very famous Touria Gate. From this place, the entire establishment of the forest department can be seen easily which includes amazing rest house in which VIP visitors and higher officials stay and enjoy their safari ride in Karmajhiri range. It is known to be a headquarters of this range.

Totladoh Dam and Reservoir:

This dam flows across Pench River; the place is so beautiful that every tourist want to visit this enchanting place. It is in the centre of forest greenery and favorite spot for picnic lovers. There is a guest house offer amazing view of the dam. You can watch some aquatic animals, species of fishes and birds.


is a rocky region near Pench River. The Pench River crosses the rock area and produces roaring sound in the season of monsoon.


is a hub of safari trail, it is the connected route for different safari directions. In monsoon it is fully covered and after monsoon the tourists can enjoy this place as lush green grassland along with some deer grazing in the area. You can also spot pied hornbill in the cluster of trees. This place is just 9kms from Karamajhiri.


you can easily see the existence of past village, due to the construction of Dam, the entire village was reallocated. Right now it is pasture land where you can watch the activities of wild animals.

Pench Dam and Reservoir:

also popularly known as Kamthikhairy Dam situated on the river Pench. It is a stunning place as the Pench Reservoir provides opportunities for the visitors to enjoy sightseeing areas surrounded by lake along with some boating fun. Paddle boats and motor boats are also available for the people to enjoy some picturesque panoramic view. This Dam is situated in the west of Pench National Park and is covered by the slopes of dense forest.