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Tuli Tiger Corridor Resort

Tuli Tiger Corridor Resort:

Visit and relish the blissful wildlife tour at Pench National Park well accolade by an elegant stay at Tuli Tiger Corridor Resort. Situated in the heart of the park, Tiger Tuli is a lavish property in National Park for the people who love to stay in extravagance and enjoy the luxurious services offered by the resort. This Tiger corridor resort is owned by the Tuli Group. The property is situated in the surreal environment that provides tourists a chance to enjoy a life amidst wild animals through camping and that also without any compromise in the comfort and luxury. It is set in 22 acres of massive land, tiger tuli resort is built in buffer zome of the park and is also engirdled by a natural lake making alluring surroundings for the visitors to adore and mesmerise the place.

In the accommodation department, this gloriously built resort provides visitors a kind of stay which allows tourists to get connected with the nature. The luxurious tents with ultra modern bathrooms and private walled gardens give a right complement to your stay in wildlife surroundings and make a person's stay more enthralling in Tiger Tuli Corridor resort.

Services offered by Tiger Tuli Corridor Resort below mentioned:

Accommodation :

In total, Tuli Tiger corridor resort has huge 8 tents each of them is spread out in an area of 550 sq.ft and are built on a tangible plinth. At the entry, there is a beautiful private dining lounge which is adorn with armchair, chairs and natural sitting arrangements. Apart from the exquisite plan, the spacious decorated tents also comprise of elegant furniture, king size beds and carved wooden chest. But the thing that makes your stay more exciting in the tents is the lavishing experience and other facilities which include TV, minibar DVD player and luxurious bathroom settings crammed with modern features. Apart from indoor setting, the outdoor decks are the key features of this luxurious tent accommodation. Preferring a scenic view of the wildlife with large windows adds charm in the Tiger Tuli Corridor Resort.

Dining :

Like everything, the dining section of Tuli Tiger Corridor resort also comprises the natural habitat of the region. Be it continental, Indian or Chinese, the dining cum bar lounge offers everything that you wish for. You will enjoy some finest cuisines cooked by professional chef for the guests of the resort. It also has a library where you can find space separately to sit and enjoy some magazines and books that are kept in the library.

Some other highlights are:

Apart from the finest dining and luxurious tents, Tiger Tuli Corridor resort also comprise of various other facilities for the guests. The resort has a outdoor swimming pool along with a barbeque facilities. Besides, the resort allows visitors to access the free benefit of WiFi, whereas the private bathrooms are equipped with hot tubs. Not only this, the resort also serves daily buffet breakfast. For kids they have special menu, play area where one can do cycling and enjoy indoor activities as well. Resort also offers rented bicycles for adults as well as kids.