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Rules for the travelers to follow for safari ride

Tourists to the Pench National Park are supposed to follow each and every norms laid down by the Forest department with regard the booking procedure, timings and visits. These rules should be followed for the protection of the beauty of the National park along with not disturbing the animals from leading a normal life in their natural habitat. Right from possessing the original identity proof in case of Indian citizen to the norms of advance payment, all should be followed. No official norms can be altered for anyone for the convenience of tourists to park. We bring you some set of rules that are must to follow although are not laid down by the department of forest, but are vital to maintain the ecological balance of the sanctuary.

Check out the few important Do's and Don'ts of a Jungle Safari in Pench National park

Things to do :

Maintain the serene and peace of the park-

This is most important thing to do as with noise you may not be able to have a glance of animals in the forest as they may run away due to it and also it disturbs the sanctity of nature. Enjoy the silence of the forest along with the invaluable wildlife.

Right and proper Dressing –

While being in forest, you are vulnerable to thorny plants, insects etc which may if not deep but may give you cut or bites on your body. So it is advised to wear clothes covering your whole body. Also few animals gets irritated with certain bright and gaurdy colors. It is therefore suggested to wear clothes that blend with the shades of jungle. It suggested to not to wear dress up that you do not get odd one out that perturb the life in the forest.

Stay with your guide –

The forest is very dense and is widespread. To avoid any kind of problems or being lost, it is suggested that you stay with your group and do not part away from them.

Light Bag –

Safari spans maximum to 4 hours which is not that short duration too. It is therefore advised to pack the necessaries especially for kids or your other necessary stuffs. Eatables are not allowed inside the jungle.

Go with the season –

As per the season or weather, do carry necessary stuffs so that harsh weather does not trouble you. If its rainy day carry raincoat or umbrella and likewise if it is hot sunny day, then bottle of water, sunglasses, hats etc shall be carried by you. Wear shoes; avoid sleepers or sandals with high heels.

Medicine –

If you are allergic to dust or husk or any other things found in forests, do take the necessary allergic or other medicine having cure for your problem. Necessary items in first aid box should be kept in your handbag.

Things that are prohibited in forest :

Feeding Animals is not permitted –

As it could put you in detrimental situation as animals are unpredictable and can harm you anytime.

Avoid littering –

Throwing of garbage or any kind of waste is strictly not allowed. Do not spoil the home of animals rather maintain its beauty. Be vigilant and maintain distance from animals- Don't step down of safari until your head or guide asks you. It is important that you take good care of yourself along with safeguarding your group members.

No Loud Talks/ Music –

Music entices the surroundings and makes the moment livelier. But it may disturb animals, so it suggested to neither to talk loudly nor to play music while enjoying safari. If possible, do not carry Infants or small kids in safari.

No smoking zone-

Do not smoke in Pench National Park. It is strictly prohibited.

Keep your Cell phone on silent mode –

Either keep them switched off or on silent mode to avoid nuisance in the park.

Avoid flammable substance –

Don't carry inflammable substance with you in the park

Do not stir up / trouble –

Do not arouse animals by bulling them or attract them through annoying tricks. Be a good guest at their home and at your best behavior.